Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The end is near...

Well its the eve of my last observation & then I have to finish fulfilling the required 80 classroom days then its onto graduation.  It will be weird the first time I add the M Ed after my signature, life is full of first still.  Well, I thought a great way to end my tenure with my current 6th graders is to introduce the SQ3R reading strategy to help them better understand how to pull information from expository text.  Here are the guided worksheets I am using courtesy of materials I was given during my turn in a 5th grade class...  I don't have the author's name on hand right now, but will post it really soon.  Here are the pages to guide the students through this strategy.

I really think teaching this strategy will be very beneficial to the students for a project they are working on now and ones they will presented with in the future.

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