Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Animals at the Zoo

Today was very tiring and trying.  Taking a group of 6th graders to the zoo might seem easy, but I was sorely mistaken.  During my internships at different schools and in different grades I spent time in a Kindergarten class.  While I was working with these little ones, I was able to go to the zoo with them as well, and let me tell you it seemed at different times, the Kindergartners acted a lot better than my 6th graders.  There were many time where I wished I could have put the kids in the cages alongside the animals.  It was especially difficult when there are various water features at the zoo where the kids could play in the water.  My regret is allowing them to do it once, because keeping them out of the water was an uphill battle.  Hopefully next year, if I take my students on a field trip to the zoo, the outcome might turn out a whole lot better.


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