Saturday, June 4, 2016

If it's not one thing... it's another...

Want to know what is worse than having to pack up your classroom of two years to transfer to another school, and grade in your district???  It's doing it while you are moving your home of over three years.  Yep, that is my summer folks... moving.  I don't know if I should consider it a wonderful chance to start with a new beginning; a fresh start you might say... but it does seem a bit much.

Now that my classroom has been packed and stored in my designated library at my home or in a storage locker for 2 months near my new school... my next quest... find a part time job.  Yes, I opted for the lump payment at the beginning of summer, and I will get another disbursement to pay for some PD hours I accumulated over the school year.  But, with the costs of moving and catching up on bills... I am almost tapped out.  I don't know what is worse moving or watching your bank account total get smaller and smaller.  There is some hope on the horizon, though.  I was contacted by an employment service for a 2 month data entry assignment.  I really hope I get this position, this will help sustain my bills and home for the duration of the summer until the first paycheck of the school year takes place.

Keep your fingers crossed for me... until then I will be cleaning and unpacking to get my home in order before the 2016-17 school year commences.