Sunday, May 12, 2013

Finally a Graduate!!

My cohort classmates and myself celebrating the end of
a long journey together....
Well this past Saturday, May 11th I walked across the stage at Northern Arizona University to receive my Master's Degree in Elementary Education.  It came after 17 months of arduous work and perseverance to make my dream of becoming a teacher a reality.  I was happy to celebrate this event with 8 wonderful women I traveled this journey with - my cohort classmates.  My family also made the journey 3 hours north of our homes in Phoenix - my husband, mother, brother, his girlfriend and son, along with my father.  What made the ceremony more special was getting hooded by my university supervisor for our classes.  She was an amazing teacher and I know I will carry a lot of what I learned in her classes with me into my own classroom.

Another note... my last day with my students was on Fri, May 10th.  We celebrate the day with a ice cream sundae party and then I got to watch the students get soaking wet at the end of their field day.  It was a great day to end a wonderful student teaching experience.  I cannot wait until next year when I finally get to begin teaching my own class of 6th graders.

My summer posts will be light, but I will try to remember to write something once in a while, especially when I get my IR (institution recommendation) which will allow me to get my license from the AZ Dept of Ed. and finally when the school board approves my post and I get to finally sign my contract.  Teachers return to school on July 15th and the school year starts August 5th...its seems quite a bit away but I know it will be here before I know it.
Stage right before the ceremony...
Walking to my seat to get my Master's degree, I'm the one
in front of the lady with the gold/yellow collar -- my husband
 takes blurry pictures
Stadium before the ceremony starts.
My husband & I before the ceremony...
My family & I celebrating the big day
Dr. Uyder - University program supervisor
..she is awesome!!!

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