Saturday, April 23, 2016

6th Grade no more!!

I am heartbroken to say that my Principal has found it necessary to change my grade from 6th to 4th.  This past year has been somewhat of a roller coaster.
To start off with I go a new co-teacher, Aunnie Kirkendoll, who was charged in the teaching of Math and Science this year, so I went back to ELA and Social Studies.  Which, to be honest, I didn't mind.  Along with the 6th grade ELA/Social Studies curriculum, I also remained as a Student Council advisor.  The students this year were of a mixed sort.  I had those who really wanted to learn and be successful, those who thought that school was a place to socialize, and then the others who thought any type of authority was a suggestion and they did not need to abide by any rules or discipline practices.
The curriculum I followed was that of EngageNY, which I found very comprehensive and really enjoyed the rigor it presented.  We started the year off reading The Lightning Thief, which allowed me to implement the Social Studies of Ancient Greece at the same time, reducing the teaching time for the unit.  Also, they were exposed to different informational texts and how they are comparable.  Based on the benchmark testing scores, they continued to grow as expected, and at times was higher than the district in a multitude of standards.
Now as the year is coming to an end... I believe this blog will as well - unless by some miracle my Principal changes her mind and allows me to stay in the 6th grade...stay tuned.

I am going to be starting a new blog shortly about my transition from 6th to 4th grade...  I will post a link to the new blog when it is created.