Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Countdown Begins

T-minus 7 school days and counting.  Yesterday my soon to be boss approached me and advised me she ordered me a classroom library kit.  I thought that was a nice gesture for my impending first year teaching.  But, little does she know I am a bit of a book hound and already have quite a bit of money already budgeted into building my classroom library.  It will be nice to see which books come in this order, she informed me all three different reading levels were included in the kit, but now the fun begins & I get to implement different pieces of literature within this grouping.  I have been checking out quite a few different blogs and websites trying to ascertain proper reading material for my new students and trying to build my library using those lists as a baseline.  On top of the recommended reading for 6th grade, I am also going to incorporate higher level 4th & 5th grade reading books along with lower level 7th grade books to ensure I am giving each student an opportunity to get their hands on a book they can read, understand, and enjoy.  I really want to impart my enjoyment of reading to my students and make my classroom a literature rich environment.

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