Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let it begin

Well the paperwork is in, and my staff badge has been made.  Today I sat down with my new boss and discussed the plans and expectations for the ensuing school year.  The discussion was not as formal because I spent the past semester working with her during my student teaching tenure.  Within this conversation I learned that the format for the 6th grade would be changing.  My cooperating teacher and I will be each teaching 2 subjects, and I opted for Language Arts & Social Studies.  This new format will cause the 6th graders to get used to the changing of classes that comes with Jr. High.  I welcome this new process because this means less lesson planning for me.  Only having to focus on 2 subjects rather than all the subjects allows me to ensure all required content is covered.  Of course I will be implementing a cross-curriculum method, incorporating the Math and Science my partner teacher will be focusing on will help create a well rounded learning environment.  I left my meeting with the Principal with the curriculum created by the district.  With this arsenal in my hands I am not beginning to start curriculum map.  It will be nice to come with an idea already in line when I finally sit down and plan with my new 6th grade teaching partner.

After much research on the internet for curriculum map templates, I decided to create my own.  I downloaded an adorable universal border and using a table started the blueprint to begin planning my first year of teaching.  Below are the forms I created to begin this process.  Since I am only focusing on Language Arts and Social Studies I only created 4 templates - one each for Reading, Writing, Speaking/Listening & Language, and Social Studies.  Using this will help me get the year in line so I am not trying to scramble to make sure I cover all the required content to ensure my students are successful and ready for 7th grade.


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