Friday, May 24, 2013

Its In My Hot Little Hands!!!

I finally got the call.  The district office called me to advise that I have been approved for a teaching position by the school board and my contract is ready to be picked up so it can be signed.  All my hard work and determination has finally paid off & I can call myself a full time certified teacher.  What shocked me when I went to pick up my contract was the novella attached to the contract.  But, I got through all the pages and got my signature where it was necessary there are only a few more things to do before I can turn in all my new hire paperwork.

  • Get Teaching Certificate from AZ DOE
    • need to order 2 certified transcripts
      • 1 for the school district
      • one for AZ DOE
  • Get copy of my MMR/Immunization records
  • Turn it all the paperwork & contract into the district office.

At the same time I got an email from my new boss advising me about the school retreat we are having for all the staff.  Because our school is going to be half new teachers and half existing teachers we all are getting a chance to meet and form a community before the school year begins & we are all too busy will lesson planning, evaluations, grading, teaching, and testing.  Besides that I went to see my mentor teacher to see what supplies I get to inherit from him since he is leaving elementary teaching and moving onto a college professor.  He and the other 6th grade teacher are leaving me a lot of different items such as books, worksheets, and supplies they believe will be beneficial to me as a new teacher.  So, I am going to start working on my classroom as soon as next week because I am starting a temporary job on June 3rd until my teaching obligations begin.  My husband has been the sole supporter these past 17 months while I pursued my Master's Degree, I need to help contribute to ease the burden of the monthly bills and to make life a little easier.  Also, I want to have a little money so I put it into making my classroom fun, colorful, and engaging for my new students.

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