Sunday, June 30, 2013

Currently...for July

I am joining in this month's currently...thanks to Farley I love reading about what others are currently doing, so I thought I would participate and share as well.  You can follow her blog at, though I am teaching 6th grade, I have found other resources on her blog which I could use and even adapt for my grade level.

So this is what I am currently doing for July...

Onward and upward to the new school year...only 9 days left until I report to school.  I am anxious with anticipation.  I am just wondering if my students will be as intimidated with my as I am with them.  I am just 
curious is it smart to let the students know that this will be my first year teaching, or should I go in there with the air and attitude like I am a seasoned pro...any comment or suggestions or words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.


  1. Great tip! A smile can sometimes make everything better.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Big smile~ you are already a pro! They will see that and be in awe!!! Hug girl~ congratulations on your new job!!!!!!