Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I got really excited about something on TV this evening.  My husband has this knack of forcing me to watch CNN, and finally it paid off for me.  I was so stoked when they reported on the discovery of the lost Egyptian port city called Heracleion.  My wheels got spinning because my part of the 6th grade curriculum next year is ELA & Social Studies - and the focus is on ancient civilization.  This will be a great addition to my unit on Ancient Egypt.  I am already thinking of activities, writing prompts, and reflections that correlate to this great discovery by the underwater archaeologist, Frank Goddio.  If you want to see all the pictures posted on his website about the discovery thus far follow the link below....

Lost Egyptian port city of Heracleion

Here are a few of the engaging pictures I want to include in my unit plans...

I cannot wait to get the lessons on this unit created, this is such an great opportunity to share with my students how the world is full of treasures & lessons.

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