Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Currently

First for something funny.  Our school district had a big Back to School Celebration for all the elementary school teachers this past Friday.  We met up at the school and were bused to the location of the event.  Click on the picture of the school bus below which is a link to a video of what happens when a group of elementary school teachers and administration get on a bus without any kiddos around....enjoy.

I love my new found blogging community.  Because of this I want to participate in this month's August Currently Linky Party, hosted by my friend at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.  So, with this being said here is my contribution to the festivities...

Listening:  My husband is loafing around and trying to drive me nuts by listening to Nationwide Racing very loudly on the TV.  But, basically it is sports in general.  I had to get up early this morning to get the brakes replaced on our SUV (you would think my hubby would do this, but alas it is left up to me).  I wanted to ensure my vehicle is in tip top shape before the school year started to ensure one less thing I would have to think about or keep track of during the busy season (hahaha!).

Loving: The fact my classroom is student ready.  As you all know I was faced with a mountain of 3rd grade items which had to be removed before I could begin setting my resources up.  But, as of 2pm on Thurs., Aug 1st it was done - just in time for Meet the Teacher night at my school.  I was so excited to share my hard work and meet some of my kiddos & their parents.  Only half of my parents/students showed up, but I got a chance to catch up with some of the students I worked with last year when I student taught 6th grade at the same school.

Thinking: I am always thinking of my classroom library.  I LOVE to read, that is the big reason I am so excited to teach Language Arts this year.  Because of this I want to encourage and create a desire and love for reading in my students as well.  Anytime I go to a store where there are books (i.e. thrift stores, book stores, Walmart, Target, etc) that is where you will find me.  I want to make sure great, engaging, and fun books are available to my students at all times.  Along with my library I really want to convince my Principal to subscribe to Time for Kids for my classroom.  A large focus in the common core is informational text, and this resource would help develop the skills the students need to gain the endurance and knowledge to use these skills.

Wanting: Being a teacher there is always something needed in the classroom.  This more true than ever, since I am teaching in a Title I school located in a low SES neighborhood.  I dread giving my students & parents the classroom supply list because to the tight finances a lot of the families find themselves in.  I wish I had the money to make sure they had all the supplies needed so there would be no additional things to buy, but I am as broke as they are.

Needing: Post-it chart paper so I can do a couple of great activities to build up my classroom community.  I want to have the students share their expectations of their community, school. classroom, and self.  Also, a great laid out plan to help the students understand the expectations & procedures that will be covered the first three days of school.  Thursday the students begin their normal schedule and the following week they have are given the first set of benchmark tests.

B2S Must Haves: 1. Pedicure - it is still sandal weather here in Arizona, so to make sure I have cute, presentable toes and feet I really need to get a pedicure.  Unfortunately this will not happen until next weekend, I'll let it be a surviving the first week of teaching reward.
2. Mr. Sketch marker set.  As a child school supplies have always been one of my favorite things to shop for.  I fondly remember being treated to a set of these wonderfully scented markers, and to commemorate my first teaching experience I want a set - an extended set - for my personal use.
3. A new Coach bag.  Every semester in college I treated myself to a Coach bag/purse, and I want to continue the tradition.  It is even easier to afford this luxury since there are 2 outlet stores within 30 minutes from my home, and a third an hour away.  The only caveat is figuring out a way to keep my husband from finding out, he is very budget minded, and doesn't see the necessity of a new purse, but ladies I know you can see my point of view.

I look forward to hearing about everyone's first days of school.  I know this is going to be the best one yet!!


  1. Isn't incredible how motivating it can be to "work" when you have fun writing utensils? Mr. Sketch markers are my favorite for making posters for my classroom! And I definitely like your Coach tradition!

    1. Thanks...its a tradition my husband is not too fond of, but I LOVE!! heeheehee

  2. I am so thrilled for you!!! Take it from an oldie, in no time you will have a ton of materials. BTW I love Mr. Sketch, too ... so nice for anchor charts!
    Happy Teaching!

  3. Congratulations on your first teaching job. I remember the excitement and anxiety for my first days in my first classroom. Its really neat that you are able to teach where you student taught.

    Enjoy your first year.

  4. Congrats on your job!! How exciting! I am really excited to be following your blog. I bet your first year of teaching will inspire some really cool ideas and posts! I am your newest follower and I am trying to share my blog a little more than I have in the past. I am hoping you will come check out my blog and follow me as well! I look forward to sharing posts! Best of luck in your new school year!!


    Hooo-Ray For Teaching

  5. Congrats on your new job! I think I read that Walmart had composition books for $1. Also checkout your public library, mine has used books for sale in the front lobby. Hope your first day/ week back was great!