Thursday, August 1, 2013

And so it begins...

Tonight was meet the teacher night.  I was able to see a few of my students I worked with in my student teaching classroom, and I met the parents & students of my class for the incoming year.  I am so excited.  It seemed like many of the parents were excited about the ensuing school year.  This year we are straying from the traditional classroom format than the school has been running these past few years and the sixth graders are switching classes two times a day.  Because of this it allows me to teach Language Arts & Social Studies.  So instead of the 22 students in my homeroom, I get to teach 44 students - which I am so looking forward to.

Now for my classroom.  When I first walked into it I wanted to burst into tears.  The previous teacher did not care to clean it our of the 3rd grade curriculum and manipulatives which are used and left it all for me.  On top of that the two sixth grade teacher I worked with last year while student teaching left me a TON of stuff they thought might be beneficial to me.  Needless to say it looked like a school storage room had exploded.  As of 2pm today - Aug. 1st - it was finished.  I mean everything on the walls, books in their rightful place, desks arranged, floors swept, garbage emptied - basically a place for everything, and everything in its place.  I am so happy for my bright, cheerful, and CLEAN/ORGANIZED classroom.  Here are the pictures of it.  I didn't think to take any of before...I just didn't want to relive the nightmare.  So, here is my home and paradise for the next 9 months.

My Language Arts Wall...covered with 6+ traits and literature features

My "Super Writer's Checklist" - I found the original on Pinterest, but tweaked & made it cute for my classroom.

My front board w/my objectives in a plastic frame to daily write with dry erase markers, my homework area, then finally my classroom management/noise moderator letters.

View from the door -- looking at my teacher corner, the darker area of the room.  I wanted to make sure the students were given the opportunity to work in the light.

My Social Studies wall...all set up for the first unit in Ancient Civilizations - Neolithic people & the Mayan, Aztec, and Incan peoples.

I can't get it to rotate...but this is my birthday theme is Owls (like you couldn't tell).  This is the only cutesy thing...the rest has been toned down because it is 6th grade after all.
I am so happy for the way it turned out.  I am ready and excited to meet the rest of my students on Monday morning and get the school year hoppin!!


  1. Your room looks so clean and fresh. I LOVE it!
    :) Erin