Sunday, July 21, 2013

WOW!! What a week!!!

Well, I finished my first week of new teacher orientation.  So much information compacted into 5 days.  As you read in my previous post, the first day was about the boring stuff...benefits & what not.  The next day was a presentation by Diana Day.  I got quite a bit out of it, but I am not sure how much of it can be applied to my group of 6th graders.  I was a lot of thank yous and talking to your students, which don't get me wrong I appreciate - but the demonstrations lend themselves to being very primary grade oriented, so application might not be successful.  I want to talk to my students - yes, but not down or below them.

Wednesday we had a training with Dr. Carolyn Reedom.  She was amazing.  A lot of examples and strategies I can use with my students.  I especially like the workshop on the No Nonsense Nurturer, which I so am.  I especially liked when she said don't tell the students "Thank You" for something they are supposed to be doing.  I don't expect a thank you after each lesson, the students shouldn't be told thank you for getting to work as directed.  Finally, someone who sees it the same way as myself.  I especially loved the communication part of her workshop.  It is important to communicate with parents on the bad, of course how would they know their student is getting out of hand before its too late, but she also stressed how IMPORTANT it was to communicate to the parents about something positive.  Because of this I went to VistaPrint & ordered postcards I can send to my parents throughout the year to inform them about the good when the student is being spectacular.  Here the postcards I created to send...
front of the postcard
back of the postcard

I got a coupon through LivingSocial for $50 of product for only $10.  So I created my ADORABLE business cards (250 of which I am going to attach a magnet to the back & give my parents), along with 100 of my awesome postcards - with express shipping totaled just under $16.  I am so excited to send my first "Scholar Superstar" messages out.  My plan is to send 2 to each student through out the year, maybe more.  I could have an amazing class where they are always awesome & never troublesome....yes I am hoping & wishing.  But you never know - they do say wishes do come true.

My adorable business cards.
Thursday we went over the LOI and the Mentor Program our district has created for all new teachers to the district.  I think that is amazing, I have so much support at my fingertips - the district sets their teachers out for success at every turn, which alleviates some stress and anxiety I have at the time.

Friday culminated in visiting a 6th grade classroom in the district to see how the teacher sets her's up and gives suggestions on what has worked, and things tried but were unsuccessful.

What was even better Thurs & Fri afternoons we got to spend in our classrooms.  Saying my classroom was scary is an understatement.  It was previously occupied by a 3rd grade class, and the teacher was not asked to return.  So, I spent all afternoon Thursday & Friday moving out 3rd grade manipulatives, textbooks, and collective "stuff" before I could even begin to move my things in.  Needless to say I am sore!!  But I got 2 bulletin boards done & moved my desk to the desired location.  Next week, when I get the opportunity, I will be placing the student desks, 32 of them I might add, and unpacking my classroom library.  Then finishing my other 3 bulletin boards, and getting my posters hung.  Oh and all this has to be completed by Aug 1st - meet the teacher night at my school.....aaauuughhh!!  CRAZINESS!!  I will get done!!!

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