Monday, July 15, 2013

New Teacher Orientation Day 1 Finished

Parking lot full...check
Having to walk the full length of the building...check
Learning all about the administration & benefits...check

Day one crossed off my to do list.  The day started off with the mundane and tedious benefits presentation.  I already got my log ons last week, so mine have already been submitted.  So, it seemed a little redundant for me, but it was interesting to hear the nuts and bolt to make sure I was getting the full use of what I needed to sign up for.  The only system I have left to gain access to is Synergy - our online attendance & gradebook program; that will be available when my class list has been finalized & submitted - was advised by the end of this week.

Now for the Principal advised me I will be guiding and educating 32 young minds in my classroom...that's right 32!!  Yikes, talk about giving you hurdles right from the start, especially as a new teacher.  But, I am determined to persevere and be successful when it comes to teaching these amazing students.

I finally started getting my classroom organized.  The previous 6th grade teachers at my school have gone onto other positions, so they left me supplies which they felt would be beneficial to me as a new teacher & a 6th grade teacher.  Man is there a lot!!  I got one storage closet cleaned out, onto 2 more.  It will come together within the next 3 weeks...I guarantee it.

I started to get the crafty part of my classroom management started as well.  I found this amazing management tool on Pinterest & decided to make it part of my plan.  I went to Michael's and purchased the letters N O I S E and some adorable owl/glitter scrapbook paper, along with bright washi tape.  Put Aileene's clear tacky glue & mod podge to good use... and here are my results....

I LOVE the paper I used, and I adhered colorful washi tape along the edges to finish it, all that is left is to purchase some magnets for the back of each letter.  When the noise in the classroom gets too loud, I remove a letter.  When all the letters have been removed the remainder of the day will be left to working in silence.  My mentor teacher did approximately the same management technique, but with 3 strikes, and the students towed the line within 1 - 2 strikes, only 3 times in the semester did I witness them receiving all 3 strikes, I am hoping this technique will work for me as well.  But, I do really love the paper, it has iridescent glitter covering the paper as well.  Soooo cute if I do say so myself.

There was one other thing I got for my classroom...since I am doing a minimal owl themed; it is 6th grade after all & I don't want to make it too kitchy.  At my local Safeway grocery store I found the cutest timer and had to have it.  I will find a way to make it useful, if only as an adorable friend for my desk...see my friend Oliver the Ow,l my yellow timer...

I will post more classroom pictures as my work progresses.  I do have a final deadline...Aug. 1st - Meet the Teacher night at my school.  I guess I need to get my rear in gear....LOL!!


  1. Glad you had a great first day! You'll be fine with 32. :)
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  2. I have to tell you that baptism by fire is sometimes a good thing. I also started with a HUGE class and I had a split grade. That was 23 years ago. I have taught a variety of grades over the years, had some big classes and some small classes. Six years ago, I returned to teaching after being a science consultant for many years. Guess how many students i had in my gifted grade 6 class? 32! Seems to be a magic number! You will survive and you will thrive. Take it easy on yourself, be kind to yourself, don't try to do it all. Focus on your students and you will look back at this time next year saying "What a year! I learned so much!" We need new teacher with passion and enthusiasm in this profession. Hold onto yours, guard it closely. Have fun, take time to each lunch and take one day at a time:)
    Let me know if you need anything...I love sixth grade and although I teach in Canada a lot of the general things are the same:)

  3. I love your NOISE letters! I have also seen this on Pinterest, but I never thought about using it like you suggested. I think the Pinterest one talks about taking away extra recess, but I am a 7th grade teacher so I like your idea much better! Thanks for inspiring me to complete another Pinterest Project! :) Good luck getting everything ready for your kiddos!

  4. Melissa, I finally posted a list of books your 6th graders would like. If you need more titles email me and I'll send you a more complete list. I'm easttennesseebookworm at Sara B.