Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In the Blink of an Eye

I cannot believe it is here.  My first teaching class is promoting today.  It seems just like yesterday this rambunctious group of preteens was entering my class for the first time to begin their 6th grade year.  Now, they are receiving their promotion certificates and moving on to high school.

There was my one-star student who was quiet and a hard worker.  I persuaded her to run for Student Council President at the end of that year and won.  She is now promoting as Salutatorian of her class, as well as receiving a $500 scholarship to use in her high school's bookstore for the next school year.

Then there was another student who devoured all my books.  It seemed like every weekend I was on the search for a new book to help keep her on the path of deeper and appreciative reading.  She has a very good head on her shoulders and is a natural leader.  I convinced her to run for Student Council President last year and she won.  So, I was lucky to continue to work with her and watch her grow into an amazing and intelligent young lady.  Today she will be speaking before the audience as the Valedictorian of her class and was accepted into a prestigious College Prep academy here in Phoenix to help guide her to the boundless opportunities set before her.

Finally, the hardest one to release into the academic world.  My one student who I have become closest to these past three years.  Not only with her but with her entire family.  I know I will be in constant contact with her and her family even after she leaves the school, but not having the daily interaction will her will be a little strange.  She has worked hard her entire Jr. High experience.  Last year, her father's job took them to another state for a full quarter, so when they returned and re-enrolled at our school it was an uphill climb to catch back up to her class.  She was constantly involved in many extra-curricular activities.  She was involved in the Student Council all three years, the last two as Treasurer.  Participated on the volleyball and basketball teams. Even with all this going on she kept in mind her career goal and will finally find out tomorrow if she is accepted into her preferred high school, which is a preparatory high school for fire and police careers.  She has overcome great scholastic hurdles to the point she is exceeding or meeting all her curriculum subjects to ensure her acceptance.  I truly cannot wait to see what she accomplishes in her life because it will not be short of amazing!

These are only three stories of the 52 students who I had the privilege of teaching their 6th grade year and I am undeniably proud of each and every one of them.  I know they have their whole life before them and will make some mistakes but, they will do some phenomenal things as well.  Watch out for these kids... I know they will change the world and have an amazing impact on anyone they come in contact with from here on out.

Congratulations Jorgensen Class of 2016 ... and high school class of 2020 ... you have made me one proud teacher!!!

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