Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November already??!!!???

Wow!!  Time has surely flown by.  We are practically half-way through the 2nd quarter & it seems like we only yesterday I was on Fall Break.

Well a new event that has come around...I am now coaching the Girls Basketball team.  After a week of tryouts I have selected my 15 girls who will represent our school on the court.  Recalling what I witnessed from the team last year, I believe we are already surpassing ability and skills since practicing this past week.  Our first game is on November 18th, I have quite a bit of work to make sure my girls are ready and able to prove their ability on the court.  I cannot wait to see the results of our daily hard work.

The end of October brought our school's first evening dance.  Being the Student Council advisor & remembering what it was like to be in Junior High I thought it was my duty to change the dance times from 3:30 - 4:30 (right after school) to the evenings.  This also allowed the students to go home and change clothes & look cute rather than trying to have fun staying in their uniforms.  Due to the great success of that dance, we are planning a Winter Formal.  The dress code will be Sunday/Church attire (no t-shirts or jeans) and we will have a Queen/King & Prince/Princess.  I think this will encourage and hype up the fun had by participating in school activities.

We are doing something special in honor of Veteran's Day.  Through brainstorming our Student
Council thought it would be a great idea to have the students here at our school for our Veterans.  We are requesting teachers to take time in their lessons to create/make Thank You cards for the Veterans.  Then on Nov. 11th I will deliver a package of cards to the Veterans who are being serviced at our Veteran's Hospital.  I know our VA Hospital has been a focus of wrong doing by administration, but we want to bring a little joy and brightness to those who fought hard for our freedom.  Our goal is to make this an annual event.

So, has anyone else out there had the battle of showing kids how to divide fractions by fractions using modeling?  I too didn't understand the concept, but with perseverance, I was able to understand the process and how it helps prove how the multiplicative inverse works.  But, OMGoodness!  the kiddos still cannot seem to get a grasp on the process.  I really want to guide them to understanding what they are expected to understand, but I cannot spend 2 months on the topic.  Because of this we are moving onward to Expressions & Exponents by way of the Properties of Multiplication because we will be learning about Inequalities after that.

Well here is where I leave off again...hopefully you all have a wonderful 2nd quarter...BTW only 48 days until Winter Break!!!

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