Sunday, September 22, 2013

WOW!! Chaos & Loving Every Minute of It!!

I first off have to apologize!!  It has been way too long since my last post, but I never realized how much time lesson planning, meetings, Professional Development classes, PLCs, the list keeps going and going.  It sends my head reeling thinking about it.  On top of all that I am also the Yearbook advisor, as well as the advisor for our after school Jr. High Book Club.

As far as what I am teaching, my students are well underway their Ancient Egypt unit & we will be wrapping it up with a mummification activity (LOL...get it wrapping it up & mummy - just a little (bad) humor).  For this activity I have the kids create canopic jars then we take stuffed animals and the students mummify the stuffed animals.  I did this activity with my 6th graders last year during student teaching & they all LOVED it, they still talk about it to me when I see them at school.

In Language Arts I am having my students work on the 6+ traits of writing.  We finished the ideas section and are currently working on organization.  This week organization is the key when they have to create their own menu for a mock restaurant, as well as creating the writing directions for a craft where the students are only given the pictures for the craft.  I cannot wait to see how these activities turn out.  I will definitely be posting pictures soon.

Thank you my friends for understanding my craziness and lack of posting.  I promise I will get back on track...  Good luck & keep your chin up!!

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